Editorial 24th May 2018

It is unfortunate and indeed unfortunate that delegates representing all parties and stakeholders could not bring back “PEACE” which was the expectation of the majority populates. Although a number of components of the draft proposal were signed and made it possible to live with hope that some segments of peace way almost being achieved, the main contention then and now remained the five letter word, peace. It is this magic word which has been in the lips of patriotic and peace loving citizens who want yesterday’s history left behind and who want to see new face of history to be written through peaceful means. The country might be left with no option but to settle down fully to implement and restore peace through the National Dialogue which was initially initiated by none other than President Salva Kiir. The President, in his wisdom, seems to have seen what was lying ahead and told the country to back the restoration of peace through the domesticated and all inclusive approach, the national dialogue. Nothing could be said that could be better than this. If only the resources being put or used in all outside peace process were to be injected in the national dialogue process, a lot could have been done by now than crisscrossing the borders and using the little resources to advance what is taxing and time consuming at the expense of the continued suffering of the masses. It has always been the belief of the majority that restoring peace and silencing the gun could only come from and among South Sudanese themselves internally without the inclusion of outside force, some with questionable interests in their approach. The truth is that many citizens in and outside the country are disappointed with the Addis Ababa outcome. Many have not recovered from this disbelief and the sooner another approach; more so the National Dialogue was effectively on cause would be appreciated by all.

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