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With Odongo Odoyo

For once someone has taken the bull by the horn. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs came out to restrict the issuance of diplomatic passports. Deputy Minister, Deng Dau Deng said it as it should be said and outlined the mode in which such documents would be issued in future by his ministry. I wish this was not restricted to the foreign ministry alone. Other government departments are also having their documents being misused, particularly; some sections of the security organs. Reports have it that there are those who cannot match the call but are holding identifications which belong to some departments and using them to harass members of the public who cannot immediately authenticate their documents’ viabilities and sources. It almost concurred with Foreign Affairs who revealed that some people who were in top position and even have been replaced long time ago are still holding diplomatic passports. There can’t be all people holding this class of passport just because at one time or another you were in a higher docket and there can’t be all people having similar security identification even those who are already not in active services. It is dangerous and poses danger not only to the general public but to the country as well. Management by order should be applied to help the appointing and top authority in the management of the country’s affairs. This is the more reason(s) the presidency appoint people who should assist and help in manning the affairs of the nation. Because he believed in collective management as has been demonstrated by many actions and approaches from the top. It is therefore the mandate of those appointed in key position to come out and do their work. The country is in gear for peace and needs stability for it to prosper. It needs committed individuals to do their part by articulating the well-being of all in the country. Foreign Affairs docket is just one, but there are other areas which should be looked into more critically for the safety and well-being of the nation. Mr. Deng those flushing diplomatic passports and are not in active service to the country should be made to return them or have them cancelled altogether because their records or registrations to acquire these documents are valid and kept somewhere. It is for the good of the government, the people and the country. As the country moves towards everlasting peace, there must and should be sanity and order in everything we do or touch. All should be geared towards the positive affairs of the Nation and for assisting in its management for all to live in peace with one another.  This a beautiful country with enormous natural resources that would be miles away in developments if only everyone played their role to see to it that management order was in place to help the leadership move it forward. Not to sit back and watch while others are doing their parts. The more reasons that Deng and the ministry should move fast to ensure the country was not misrepresented in the diplomatic circles.

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