Response to The Dawn Newspaper article entitled: CIA recruiting Journalists to spy in this country

This is the most fact-less article The Dawn has ever published. The article appeared on Saturday 05th, August 2017. The writer of that article, whom I am not going to mention his name to show a difference in our IQ degrees, referred to my article published last month (Wednesday 19th July, 2017) questioning the authorities pertaining to the release of Bor Youth leaders who had asked the NGOs to depot all Equatorians working in Bor. “Why release violence instigators” read the title of my article. Now the problem is, the writer wrote that my article was inciting “Equatorians against the Jieng communities.” This is an indication that he did not read my article with full understanding because throughout my article I never mentioned Jieng community or anything close to that! I wrote about Bor Youth leaders who demanded the deportation of Equatorians from the region, not even the whole youth of Bor. He even went ahead revealing other things that I never new before and I would not wish to repeat the same here.

He should know that he is not of my class. I am not compatible to him or any of his type in any way because I am a professional in my field. My article was never inciting in any way since I was tackling the truth on the ground, which pained him so much and of course most of his type. He went ahead to publish more articles, including this one I am responding to, repeating and exaggerating the facts and the truth about these facts. The question is; who is the true inciter? Is it me who raised a matter of public concern or him who might have been used by other people for their personal gains to continue inciting people to violence by dwelling on the same matter in The Dawn newspaper?

I never reacted to any of his articles published in The Dawn newspaper because silence sometimes is the best answer. I hope I am not being dragged to that level now that I have responded. They say; “don’t allow yourself to be fooled by fools. They will drag you low to their level and beat you with experience!” It is surprising some people go to school but they don’t learn. They come-out the same way they went in. You can not tell the difference between the educated and the illiterate because they just seem to have the same mind set. He even went as far as calling me a CIA agent. Imagine such kinds of ignorance. I am mute because he is not a good researcher. I wonder whether he did research methods and communications skills at college, that is; if he went to any. I don’t know much about him, and I don’t wish to know.

He is just a stooge who is being used against Juba Monitor Newspaper, but I would like to tell him and his likes that, envy will take them no where. If you want to achieve what Juba Monitor has achieved, work harder, employ more educated, real educated and learned personnel. Even so it will take you ages before you beat us. Keep trying though since you are giving us the momentum to be better each time you challenge us that way. We are the first and most read newspaper in the country and has extended to the East African region, not just in South Sudan. We treated you well. We fed you well too; you are still welcomed for free lunch and tea anyway. Anytime you feel like. And please this time don’t defecate in the dishes (plates) that we serve you the food in. It’s uncultured and unkind.

And The Dawn Newspaper, in this same article, accuses the United States of America (USA) of recruiting journalists in South Sudan to work for them. I hope he has the substantial evidence to prove this, the government of USA would not be happy with that article accusing them of interfering in the domestic affairs of the country. Although I don’t think they even read.

How do you criticize the US when you know very well, through history, that without the efforts of that great country, South Sudan would have not ended the 21-year old civil war with Sudan when USA aided the country to sign the Kenya comprehensive peace agreement in 2005?

Not only that, you are insulting a country that has helped us a lot throughout our struggles for independence. As I write now, there are South Sudanese who are living good lives in the USA, yet you cannot afford to be kind to such a hospitable Country. Why are we so cruel, so wicked, and so ignorant? Ignorance is death! Not a disease any more. Why are you so unappreciative, harsh and arrogant? Can someone help answer me please?

Do not just write opinions because you have to write, but rather write because you have something tangible to write about.

When I read that opinion on The Dawn newspaper yesterday, I was perturbed then I decided to show our readers that I am as innocent as Jesus Christ. Whatever the writer’s intentions are, I don’t understand. If it is fame, then I am sorry because you cannot force popularity. If you are meant to be popular, it will come automatically, not by gambling. You cannot keep on inciting the communities and blame it on others. Now you are even inciting the government through the National Security organs against Juba Monitor because as far as this saga is concerned, the management of Juba Monitor has been asked to report to the Blue House today, Monday 07 August 2017 to answer to some articles which were not specified.

People who win favors are people who do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons. If you want to be as successful, write ethically, otherwise I am afraid you may lose your credibility. Face the truth point blank, with facts, not lies. Even people who read your articles can know that you are not a professional. You take things personal. Whoever is pushing you to do this is pushing you into lunacy. You are a tribal writer and you should desist from that before your articles are turned against you. “The Inner Eye can turn against its owner like the venomous snake held by the tail”, The Quest by Wilbur Smith.

Finally, my advice to you is that avoid accusing USA, of things you know nothing about. Honestly, what do you know about the Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA)? You wrote that; “some of these journalists (referring to me in particular) are agents of CIA based in USA.” “They are being paid in hard currencies.” This is a laughing matter. Who am I to be employed by the CIA? If USA takes this case further to court, can you prove that I am working for CIA?  Have sense sometime. Even if not all those who go to school actually learn, common sense is given to all naturally. Why do you incite the security organs against journalists in this country? You don’t warm your hands by burning your fingers. Joke with any person or country, but not the USA I beg you. The Americans have helped South Sudan a lot; we don’t have to pay them back with such insolence. May God forgive you, for you don’t know what you are doing: Luke 23:34

By David Mono Danga

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