Respect for parents

By Akol Arop Akol

Apart from Him who created us in His image, who should we value and praise if not the father and mother? If we can’t see God the alternative is the parent because they are the second creators. If not them, there would be no people on Earth today.

We should know the suffering they have gone through. It is from them where we find pure love and care. We should respect and obey their orders. Whenever we are sent by a mother and father or an elderly person, we the young ones must comply and also admit our mistakes or misbehaviors that they see in us.

Before saying the words “I don’t care” we must first think what our parents did when trying to bring us into this world. Do we know what would have happened if they said they don’t care about us? We would not be here today.

They decided to beget us and raise us maturely to be responsible elders onetime in life and for this reason, parents are the most creditable people for whom we need to appreciate their efforts and thank them for the suffering they have gone through during time of planning and raising us up.

We must be humble and honest to them. If not father, who can always toil hard to bring something edible for us? If not mother, who is she again that can clean and feed us for several years until we grow independently?

Why is it so hard to give them praises for what they have done for us and for the resources spent in raising us up since childhood till today? Why is it only so easy to disobey and misuse the love and care given by the parents?

In case of blaming them for poor responsibility, there are still many impressive things done by the parents. There could be a time when there is no money, food and other important materials but this doesn’t prove their unwillingness to support us.

We only assumed to be not taken care of but that is not true for some parents. It is only that resources are not enough that make them incapable of providing our needs which makes them look irresponsible.

These children who live in streets are not hated by parents and guardians by most of them lost Hope and choose to escape to where they think to be favorable yet life get harder for them.

Though parents may have love and care, there would come challengeable times of poverty that may not allow them to maintain the children at home. And as a child doesn’t know whether there is something or not, he or she could not understand the situation.

They may believe everything is there but only that their parents are selfish to give them as expected.

This is why some hopeless children are betrayed by those who begotten them. They never considered the interest needed from them when they grow up. If nothing is expected from them, which parent can waste time giving birth to a criminal? They all do the best to receive the best. From every child being born, there are many expectations from him or her.

In the stories of creation, God made two humans with the intention of letting them reproduce and fill the world with more people. What God does get from this process? It is His image in humans and the beauty that they continuously create to make the world a colorful place.

What makes it beautiful? It is us the humans living in it. Being here is not luckiness. We were intentionally planned to be born here. We have never been here therefore; it’s our first time to experience the task of life.

This is why we don’t need to joke or misuse the chance. We must grab life with our two hands like an egg. If we let it fall down, it will break and not get any repair.

We must take it properly and use it as a precious gift. Life is sweet when you know how important it is to live without a waste. After all what we are doing, our minds should reflect back our parents who gave birth to us. They want to see us happy, prosperous and thankful for what they have bestowed on us.


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