The state-run South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation SSBC ran an announcement on Sunday evening that there will be no more government vehicles operating after office hours from the date of the notice. This order is overdue because some government officials extend the use of these vehicles to odd hours and even they are found in odd places.  Instead of using the provided and privileged transport for service delivery to the public, they are turned into private use and made available even to extended family members. The officials would do anything to ensure they did not lack or miss fuel to drive them to their preferred destinations. It should be known and understood that these vehicles are provided to the officials for public use. Anything beyond that is treated like a criminal offense and abuse of office. In a number of cases, such vehicles have been found packed in questionable locations with the officials or occupants having a good time in water-holes or resorts far beyond the mandated official hours. The burden of running them, including services and fuel, rests on the shoulders of the taxpayers, that common man who cannot dream of having access to such vehicles in life. There are exceptional emergency cases that could be excused and understood, but not blanket misuse. There must be order and respect for public property which are entrusted to individuals to discharge their work effectively for the benefit of the country. There are and have been other directives and orders given out but which have fallen on deaf ears either by design or intention. The government through the implementing organs should make sure that each directive given out for the public good is obeyed and respected. They should make it a crime to have those going in the opposite direction face the book since there must be good reason(s) to cut cost in public expenditures.

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