There has been a serious need to have free movements in the East African region to citizens of member countries. This would bring in across the border trade nearby where barter trade is also practiced among the neighbouring communities in and across. South Sudan are the latest to reach the pact which will make their citizens move freely, particularly, those in the business circles and students pursuing further education. The free visa movement was long overdue but came into being to meet with E. A.C standard with full blessings from the political leadership. What remains now is for the beneficiaries who are the citizens of the two countries to behave and respect the new movement order. There are some with ill motives and intention who might want to take advantage of the situation and use the situation  to their own advantage by cheating and conning their operations. It should be understood that the law of both countries have their way of application if and when a crime is committed. This opportunity should not be abused at all because there are people who have really been longing to move freely for businesses and education.  The immigration and other security personnel should not relax until they are sure that all movements were done properly and according to the law of each land. Before there have been cases of some foreign elements sneaking in the country with intention to commit crimes then sneak out again. Many cases involving foreigners reportedly, are those involving issues of cheating and conning. The background of those involved equally raises a lot of questions. They should be investigated and if found to be in the country illegally and without doing something tangible, they have to be taken back to their roots. Free movements do not open doors for crime and other illegal activities.

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