Resolve outstanding issues to bring peace

By: Anna Nimiriano

According to the report issued yesterday in the media by the spokesperson of SPLM/IO Peter Manawa who said that, if the number of states and the issue of boundaries remain unresolved, SPLM/IO is not going to be part of the government in the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGoNU). It seems the two aforementioned points are the ones hindering the peace process, and this is not acceptable. The two leaders should make sure that they agree on the number of states without conflict of interest.

The idea of making consultation with other political parties and civil societies in the side of the SPLM/IO is part of the solution to agree on reasonable number of states. 

Before the creation of those states by the leaders, there were 10 states in the country.  It was doing well without problems compared as compared to the current situation.  One hundred days were agreed upon by the two leaders to finalize those issues. In case of any delay, there is no room for other days to be increased. Our leaders should think positive in tackling matters of the states. People of South Sudan had suffered enough, they need sustainable peace.  A lot had been said during these periods of times. We should not continue singing the same song which is not helping us.  

Members of institutions and mediators should have deadline to end obstacles preventing peace implementation. They were in a dialogue for purpose and to advise those leaders in the parties.  The days Dr. Machar is going to spend in Juba is to end with good result.  Whatever they are discussing is to be for the welfare of the people of South Sudan. There is nothing difficult to be resolved in the summit.  Each party has a role to propose an idea of moving the peace deal to success.

It is not the roles of SPLM/ IO and the leading party alone in the country.  People of South Sudan should say out their minds, especially in such a situation. Let all of us advise and contribute by suggesting good ideas for the progress of this country. I would not keep quiet and see if things are not moving well. It is the role of the media to promote peace and encourage leaders to take right decisions for the entire citizens of this country.

Nobody should work on insolation because the country is not for a particular group of people. All of us are nationals by our identity and we have right to contribute positively for peace. We should consider the crying of innocent and marginalized people in the country.  Good leaders always listen to their people.  I hope the dialogue within these days should end well and people would celebrate Christmas in a peaceful environment.

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