Resolve economic crisis before elections

By Sasuk Taban

I for one is tired with the current economic situation in the country. The situation shows no sign of improvement but is getting worse day by day. How can one pay a different price for commodities and transport each day. This is absolutely absurd!

Enough is enough! South Sudanese have suffered for long since the liberation struggle period. How can we continue to live in such conditions?  Is it that we are cursed and condemned to suffer for all eternity?

The citizens have been looking to our leaders for an improvement but it seems the problem is becoming more challenging to them to handle. Our leaders have repeated for numerous times that they are prepared for the elections, the time is now for them to demonstrate their leadership by resolving the economic crisis in the country.

South Sudanese have continued to suffer and only pray and hope for God’s untimely intervention. People are finding it hard to feed their families and are now submerged in a world of despair. They have lost hope that things would change in the country. Majority now lives as if there is no tomorrow.  They do not bother in saving.

This economic situation cannot be entirely blamed on devolution of the local currency but also on the numerous violence cases in the country. The ever growing rebel factions that are attacking and killing innocent civilians and displacing thousands if not millions have chased away investors.

Investors find it difficult to invest in a country which is constantly experiencing insecurity. I believe that for the economic situation to improve, a lot of effort is needed from our leaders and for peace, tranquillity and spiritual abundance to be restored.

The time is soon coming when South Sudanese exercise their democratic right by voting their leaders. Those who have not performed to the satisfaction of the citizens/their constituents will most certainly be sent home packing through the ballot box.

I would like to advise and urge the leaders to restore peace to the country for the refugees and displaced to return and resolve the economic crisis.

History judges everyone by their actions. The more positive impacts you bring about to the society, the more you are remembered as a true leader.


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