Resignation of youth members threatening PLP

By James Atem Kuir          

The youth and students’ wings of the Peoples Liberal Party (PLP), a key party to the Revitalized Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU) headed by Peter Mayen Majongdit have manifested what they call “mass” resignation from the party over lack of “good will of South Sudanese at heart”.

PLP is a member of Other Political Parties (OPP), a coalition of several opposition parties who are part of 2018’s peace agreement that did not engage in arms confrontation with the government.  

According to a letter addressed to Peter Mayen Majongdit the chairman of the party and signed by Deng-bil William the party’s Youth wing president and Thon Dhiei Ngor the students’ branch leader, the group ceased membership effective from yesterday 24th of November, 2020.

“We the aforementioned groups have decided to resign from the People’s Liberal Party as youth and students wing of our great party effective today Tuesday 24th Nov. 2020 because of so many reasons. We have been patient for too long and we tried to make it work but you continued to push us out,” the statement reads.

The disgruntled youth’s leaders accused their chairman of failing to restructure the party, neglecting the youth and students’ wings, appointing wealthy members to the state and national positions and running the party single handedly among others.

“We strongly believe that you no longer have the good will of all South Sudanese at heart because you have been compromised by the deep state and we in the student’s wings refuse to be part of your surrender to the quo,” the statement states.

“You and your leadership have continued to neglect PLP-Y/SW. We believe that you are just trying to kill the party so that it becomes some sort of briefcase and one-man kind of affair just like other political parties operating in South Sudan,” the document added.

“Nepotism and favoring those with deep pockets for appointment to States and National portfolios shows that you are not ready to build a strong and democratic party. Your refusal to structure the party, PLP has been reduced to a one man show because of these reasons,” it said.

“You have shown many of us that you are incapable of establishing a good working relationship to those who look up to you for leadership because of your terrific lack of inter-personal skills. Your refusal to establish office for the party is also an indication of unwillingness to build a serious opposition party,” the statement further stated.

However, Peter Mayen Majongdit, the chairman of the party dismissed the exit of the youth as the defection of two individuals who fell out from the state’s governments’ nomination for appointment, maintaining that they still have other loyal youth members across the country.

“What I’m aware of, is the resignation of two individuals who have fallen out of appointment in the state’s government because they could not make it. If these two individuals have resigned, it does not mean mass resignation, we have massive membership across the country. What I know about Deng-bil is, he wanted to be a minister in his state but he failed due to high competition but he has his right to resign and to us as a party, we want people who are committed whether due to position or not,” Peter Mayen Majongdit said.

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