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Residents want to joint security meeting to include SPLA

Members of Munuki Block A and B during Police and Community security meeting

By Merio Jimmy

Residents of Munuki block A and B have appealed for a joint community meeting that include the police and the SPLA soldiers in order to curb crimes in the area ahead of Christmas celebrations.

Speaking to Juba Monitor Monday, Barnabas Ladu Ogeng said there is need for another meeting to be held that should include the SPLA soldiers who are within Munuki Block A and those residing at New Site army neighborhood areas.

Ladublamedthe new site army area for alleged rampant robberies in Munuki Block-A due to itbeing close to the army.

He made the statement during a joint meeting between the community and the police in order to discuss the threatening security situation in Munuki area.

SiroUwar, a representative of Munuki Block A reported during the July incident that twenty-eight households were completely looted and at least three houses were razed down to ashes.

However, the community in Munuki Block A has confirmed that they managed to arrestthe ringleaderof a female robbery group inthe area whose name was identified as Aluel, a 25 year old.

According to the community, Aluel was arrested red-handed with stolen twelve bed sheets and one wall clock. Aluel was later let go after accepting to return the items she stole.

this a Christine blames the community for indulgence over theft. “I am warning those community members who are involved in taking or hiding property recovered from the thieves to take the items to the right owners or to police for further investigation,” Christine said.

The Chief of Police at Munuki police station, Brig. Zachariah Michael Taban confirmed that security agents have arrested 17 armed robbers at Gudele Block Six residential area.

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