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Residents urged to embrace environmental health

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Residents of Juba have been urged to take embrace environmental health as a way keeping Juba City clean.

Joseph Lukak, the South Sudan Red Cross Juba Branch Director said daily cleaning is a responsibility of everyone in the country.

He was speaking on Saturday during a cleaning exercise, a youth-led cleaning campaign Nadafa le Beledna. The cleaning exercise takes place once every month.

“Let us take environmental cleaning as a responsibility of everyone. We should  not leave it to the Juba City Council, quarter council or to other authorities because they are not the ones who are littering our environment,” Lukak said.

He said the youth have a role to play in maintaining a clean environment because they are the driving force of the country.

Lukak suggested that the cleaning initiative should be conducted on daily or weekly basis.

“I think it will work well and we can keep our town clean, the cleaning initiative comes from the youth and they are the energetic force in the country, we are supposed to participate in such activities,” Mr. Lukak added.

He however said much work needed to be done in educating people about keeping their environment clean.

“In town you can see many people eating bananas and throwing the rubbish anyhow, drinking water and throwing the bottles on the roads, which is not good,” he added.

“We are urging all the youth associations in the residential areas, women groups, elders and everybody to take this initiative and adopt cleaning activities in their areas.  If we do this, I think we will maintain the residential area clean,” he added.

Akeer Sarah Makuei, the Relationship Manager for UAP Insurance said the company participated in the initiative as part of its corporate social responsibility to the community.

“It is a sign that shows we do not only take but we also give back to the communities,” she said.

“We are trying to clean our city and we are trying to be exemplary.  Show to the rest that keeping environment clean is easier and safer,” she added.

Goi Clement Leju, the Branch Manager of Stanbic Bank said the bank cares for the community that is why it gets involved in the cleaning initiative.

“Any organization in South Sudan is for South Sudanese so if you’re for people of this country, then you must care for them by being exemplary and showing to the community that you care for them,” Leju said.

Nadafa le Beledna cleaning exercise was organized by Okay Africa Foundation in partnership with MTN, SSRC, UAP,  Stanbic Bank, and other NGOs.

Some of the youth who participated in the Saturday cleaning exercise in Juba.

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