Residents of Kit Boma trek 12 miles in search of health services

By Kidega Livingstone

The residents of Kit Boma in Lobonok Payam, Juba county of Central Equatoria are trekking miles to Magwi County in Eastern Equatoria State in search of health care services.

The Executive Chief of Kit Boma, Silver Keri Federiko said the health situation in the area especially in Kit Boma needs immediate intervention either from the government or none governmental organizations.

With a population of over 1000, Keri said there was no even a single health centre, forcing the angry residents to start the construction of local health Centre after the state government has failed to provide a local health Centre with basic medical services since achieving the independence. 

“We have started to build a local health Centre to address the issue of the health situation in our area with help from well-wishers because the government has not provided the health services in the area,” Keri said.

“We have problem because we walk long distance up to Magwi county to get medical services. We are asking for any none governmental organization to come and use the structure to help the community. If they can get us also the mobile clinic that should be also helpful,” he added.

Keri was speaking during the training of local leaders on Agriculture organized by DMI sisters in Gurei on Tuesday.

Due to the insecurity, most of the none governmental organizations providing health assistances across the country have scaled down their operation.

Kit Boma is located in Lobonok Payam in Central Equatorial State. It borders Eastern Equatoria State.

A health Centre is an outpatient service run by a nurse. It is intended to serve about 5,000 people in the level of Boma and Payam.

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