Residents in Yei demands state boundaries resolve

By Hassan Arun-Yei

Inhabitants of Yei River County, Central Equatoria State are calling

on the National Dialogue Steering Committee to consider resolving

the state boundaries in the country as the conference continues.

Baba Kimoi Dominic told Juba Monitor in an interview that the
committee should resolve the interstate boundaries within the

period of the national conference.

 “We are calling on leadership of the national dialogue steering

committee to look into the issues  of the interstates boundaries,”

Kimoi said.

Kenyi Hillary, commended that international issues cannot be

handled without addressing the internal problems.

He believes that South Sudan still has a lot of challenges regarding
governance, economy and security.

“We cannot go to handle issues of international boundaries when

inside we have problems amongst ourselves,” reiterated Kenyi.

John Bilal urged the government to address the state boundaries

before tackling the international issues because the country is still

in insecure. He calls on the presidency to work for peace in order to

address challenges that faces the nation.

“We are supposed to look into our own borders of the states first.

What is important is that we first concentrate on our state boundaries then later we look at the international borders,” advised

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