Residents in Gbudue state demand better roads

A vehicle in Gbudue state transporting MPs for peace dissemination got stacked (photo credit: Gaaniko Samson)

By Gaaniko Samson

Residents in Gbudue state have called on the government to improve roads conditions in the area to link them to the state capital Yambio.

Moses Mario,a resident of Basukagbi County hailed the SPLM slogan of taking town to the village but said it should involve infrastructural development aspects.

He said youth in the area were facing a lot of challenges due to poor road network saying they cannot access town in any emergency case

“We have a lot of farm produce which are just getting spoil in the stores due to the poor roads that prevent us from access the market,” Mario said

He called on the government to at least improve the road conditions and health Centres in the area.

Martine Anibiako, another resident of Basukagbi County said it was good to have a county because it brings development into the area

“The youth in the area are just depending on cultivation to earn living but taking the produce to the market is a big challenge to them due to lack of road transport,” Mr Anibiako said.

“If we had good road network it would help us doing some small scale businesses. We could bring necessities goods like salts, sugar and soaps to sell to the people here,” he added

Anibiako said although some humanitarian were purchasing agricultural produces like maize grains from the local famers in Gbudue, the NGOs could not go to their area due to poor roads.

Joseph Duo Duo, a Member of Parliament in Gbudue state Legislative Assembly said the revitalized peace agreement has revived hopes for development in the country.

He said if peace is restored in the country all the development would be possible.

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