Residents call for protection against armed robbers

By Rose Keji Benjamin

Residents in Lologu, Juba are calling for government’s protection because of gunshots at night by armed robbers in some residential areas in Juba city.

James Wani, a resident of Lologo area told Juba Monitor yesterday that they have been attacked by armed robbers, adding that, “sometimes they ask for money and if you don’t have, then they will beat you up and rob whatever you have.”

“The government should provide security to protect citizens because armed robbers are a threat to the citizens,” he said.

“These thieves, some had guns and others are without, but they can mistreat the residents as long as they move in groups.”

“There is no rest at night because they are disturbing people, asking for money and even taking people’s properties. If you don’t have they will beat you,” Wani stressed.

He said gunmen target family members and take money forcefully, asking for “more cash” all the time.

He thinks the armed robbers sometimes move at daytime to monitor the home and make plans to execute the night robberies, saying they make plans for every home to be looted adding that they loot even goods in the shops and destroy the shop.

He added that those who show slight resistance to the demands made by the men risk losing their lives. The latest attacks resulted in killing of people.

“The government should at least take a step to make sure this armed robbery is stopped in the country because when it reaches night you hear the sound of random gunshots and we don’t know whether it is because of the conflict in the country or hunger,” he added.

“We are proud of our country but there are others who are destroying it by such activities of beating, looting and sometimes if you don’t have money they will end up killing you”, she said.

While a resident of Kator, Halima Yuogua said the robbers normally come at around 11:30 pm, saying they ask people to open the door otherwise they will kill you, get us money now.

She said her son was beaten and all the money that he had was taken and her young son and her 15 year-old son was forced to get money yet he has nothing to give.

“Policemen were brought to the area but there is still no change. We still hear the sound of gunshots every night I do not know why is it increasing like this?” Halima asked.

Efforts to get immediate comments from the police spokesperson proved futile but the Police Spokesperson, Brig. Daniel Justin had earlier said people should always report such cases to the police with immediate effect. “We don’t know why people could not report to police such cases.” He had urged that at least residents should report any harassment by armed robbers in order for the police to do their duties as recommended.

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