Residents at POCs received facemasks

By Elijah Akuei Ajou Ajou

Residents at Protection of Civilians Sites (POCs) residing near checkpoint, have received facemasks from Nile Sustainable Development Organization (NSDO) yesterday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor during the donation, Mr. Lam Mariew Yak the Camp Management Committee Secretary appreciated the Nile Sustainable Development Organization for helping the vulnerable people at Jebel Check point at POCs.

“We are happy for the donation given by the NSDO, it is importance to have the facemasks because they will help the community to prevent the spread of the virus,” Mr. Mariew stressed.

Mr. Mariew encouraged his communities to continue to observe the preventive measures of Covid-19 and keep social distancing to reduce transmission of covid-19.

He appreciate the media for being monitoring the community in protection of civilian site and their awareness for preventive measure of covid-19.

 The camp Management Health Secretary Mr. Nhial Lam Yuol said that, the distribution of facemasks started five days ago by Nile Sustainable Development Organization in protection of civilian site.

“We have more than 45, 000 people in POC, this is high number and we don’t have enough playground for children,” Lam said.

Lam Appreciated the Nile sustainable development Organization for their help and appealed to other organizations for food and non-food items assistance to people at the POCs.

  Kai Peter Wuor who is the beneficiary said he was glad to see the work done by the organization by offering facemasks.

 “We are all protected now, because everyone in POC is having facemasks which will help them from being infected by coronavirus,” Wour added.

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