Republican People’s Party rejects elections

By Opio Jackson

The Chairman of Republican People’s Party (RPP) strongly rejected government’s plan to conduct elections next year citing “wide spread insecurity” in the country.

Earlier the Council of Ministers resolved to conduct elections at the end of the transitional period if the IGAD led revitalization forum does not extend the timeline of implementation of the Peace Agreement despite the insecurity in the country.

Wol Madut Aluack Reec said government cannot do more than two things at the same time referring to the ongoing National Dialogue, preparation for the General Elections as well as the implementation of the Peace Agreement.

He said it was the government that created the National Dialogue and that everybody wants to see the implementation of its recommendations.

According to Reec, the concern of the citizens is not about elections but peace. “We need to see the implementation of the National Dialogue first if the government is really serious about peace.”

“The citizens have decided to embrace the National Dialogue that was created by the government, it does not mean they were in conflict amongst themselves,” Reec said.

“These sufferings have been imposed on the citizens by the SPLM party. The party should first get rid of this misery instead of seeking for another power,” he said.

He said the Republican People’s Party does not support the idea of going for elections when there is still widespread insecurity in the country, arguing that it is not right to joke around while citizens are dying.

Reec continued that even if the elections were to be held next year the citizens will not benefit from it since majority of them have been forced to flee to the neighboring countries as refugees.

He said political party is the government in waiting, but without peace no politician shall be free to travel to the states to campaign.





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