Republican Party’s response to UNSC renewed Arms Embargo against S. Sudan

By Anthony Agiem Akot

Although the decision made recently by United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is absolutely a concern of our sovereign state, it also affects us as Parties to stand with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Ruling Party to support in this crucial moment. That the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) sat in its annual review decision on general Arms Embargo to certain UN Member states and in particular on the Republic of South Sudan, was opposed by two powers i.e. Federal Republic of Russia and People’s Republic of China proclaiming that it is the highest Sovereign National right ever been breached by United Nations Organization (UNsO).This policy of passing Arms embargo on a member state is not just a breach of right for a UN Member State to self-defense within and without it boundaries for such a state to fight back its internal Insurgency as well as its external enemies.eg as the young nation, the Republic of South Sudan felt to its attempt to be over thrown by 1st Vice President of the Republic in 2013 that continued as a pure rebellion up to date. Also as is now the case that Kenya is taking an enclave as well as is now the case with Uganda in its approach to take the other portion of Southern territory as well as the case of Sudan in Abyei, Panthou (Heglege), Kafia Kingi and Hufra Nais to Gambella regions. How can United Nations Security Council (UNSC) be able to impose arms embargo to such a young member state of United Nations surrounded by many internal and future external adversaries and enemies? It means, the UN as an overall body should apply justice to all its member states, whether it is a tiny, poor and powerful rich countries must enjoy equal rights, it has failed to apply justice to South Sudan on merits of being influenced by those powers who have their diplomatic and investment crisis.

This International move by United Nation Security Council to a young sovereign state not to allow it to acquire its self-defense facilities, means the United Nations and its particular Powers meant to totally fail the Juba elected Government in 2010 under its elected leadership of President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit. Such move has revealed itself that all attempts had been made to help certain persons or movements to over throw Juba Regime, but such adverse moves had been resisted to fatal failure. As such, attempts have been made through economic blockade as well as arms embargo by deducing certain members of UN Security Council, only two Powers i.e. The Federal Republic of Russia and Peoples’ Republic of China rejected the motion not to impose Arms embargo without convincing reasons to fight such a young nation only five years old from the date of its independence.

Yes, if those powers behind existing pocketing insurgencies and movements became their supporters to disturb the young nation to make it a failed state, such that the current Government under able leadership is over thrown, then vicious circle of everlasting tribal movements in Southern Sudan will continue to devastate the current status quo of living together of our tribes, states, regions and sections amicably. The more those big Powers are breeding certain big tribes among themselves to come to the state of tribal crisis in Rwanda in 1994 between Hutshi and Tutshi tribes to kill themselves in a massive human quantity, will be the worst ever plot imposed on young nation, we have witnessed several insurgencies and counter insurgencies by Western Powers (WPs) in Angola in 1978 between MPLA and UNITA movement that fought war of liberation of Angola. But were made to fight themselves towards the independence of their country. It also happened that Joseph Konyi of Acholi tribe of Northern Uganda was deceived by the same western powers to generate segregating religious war known as LRA movement with no objectives till now. But all those attempts failed to yield the results needed in Africa by the International Powerful Nations (IPNs). Only such International Powerful conspirators failed after heavy losses have been incurred both in material and human resources of such movements.

How does it really happen that a young Nation like South Sudan is banned from acquiring its protective facilities in the world of deadly crisis? Unless the Powers of the world want to say South Sudan is a Vatican state like whose protection is invisible under France, USA Governments or any other Powers. Vatican State is a State within a State i.e it is within a geographical allocation of Italy in Roma- the capital city of Italy. But this not the case to compare us with Vatican State. With which Country on earth compared to us not to acquire arms with exception Palestine within a State of Israel which dominates it on full none sovereign State to allow it to acquire arms for its protection as it was with us during six years before referendum voting for our Independence. Southern Sudan then was just a region with no access to arms sale as it was still under Republic of Sudan until it took independence in 2011. The Eruption of the war after two years of power struggle made it impossible to acquire protective arms. That condition aggravated by war existence couldn`t allow certain powers of United Nation Security Council (UNSC) to intervene those world`s powers not to allow South Sudan to buy arms.

But what about Republic of South Sudan, how is it refused by UN Security Council (UNSC) to acquire its Armaments i.e. including short and long range machine guns, Artilleries of different assortments, Sea defense i.e. Submarines, Tanks to Anti Tanks Bullets, Ground mines and anti-personnel mines and so on. Once or if the Republic of South Sudan has enough financial resources why not, to arm its self against all different types of armaments like other Independent Countries? This program couldn’t be intervened by any other sovereign State of UN to stop another member sovereign state to acquire its protective facilities. While such Countries are buying or equipping themselves litrally to teeth to threaten other Sovereign States of UN. This is the true injustice to be protested publically without not fear or shame even it means to wage demonstration by our Public before UN Embassy and USA Embassy.

Once such inequality exists before UN, then where is the equality and human right chatters being sang for by certain big powers? While Sudan has Arms Production Assembly in Khartoum producing Armaments up to tanks and many other different Armaments to fight racial, religious and cultural war in South Sudan before CPA got signed between Arabs regime in Khartoum and SPLA/M. But USA and its Allies friendly states did not make motion to stop such a country producing armaments in UN Security Council. This kind of different treatment from big powers like USA, France to UK means direct mishandling of certain weak and young states like South Sudan so as to accuse it as it as a failed state. Therefore, for our opinion as Republican Party of South Sudan (RPSS) it is not acceptable for us to see the matter as only a case affecting the ruling party once a ruling party is affected by such unjustified UN Security Council decision of Arms embargo over South Sudan. It dearly affects us too in all forms of security risks of our State unlike those states allowed by UN to arm themselves.

We are a young Nation with deadly tribal and regional vainly insurgencies with no supporting cause to kill our people. It is series of movements of self-interest political motivations for such elements to go to the bush to cause unreasonable atrocities to our poor citizens. Such movements would have been advised by those world powers to stop unnecessary killing of our citizens and for those carrying arms to join vehicle of peace without conditions that was signed in Addis Ababa and Khartoum irrespectively in 2018. Instead the same movements are being encouraged by such powers to continue with war, because those powers do not want current Juba regime. They say it is blocking them from achieving their goals or else the war must continue as they did in DRC, Angola, Mozambique, Uganda, Somalia, and even now in Cameron and so on. this is what is needed by those powers. Then, where are we going to go especially the young Republic of South Sudan whose intellectuals and professionals are confused to waged tribal and sectional wars among our citizens, simply because of power struggle. And for that reason, those powers would like to aggravate war and war until unwanted regime by them has gone.

We in the Republican Party of South Sudan (RPSS) feel it obliged to call all the the parties of Republic of South Sudan to back the SPLM Ruling Party under the current Government to equally face the challenge of UN Security Council (UNSC) motion of imposing arms embargo. It is supposed for all of us as Parties of our country to call for our citizens to peacefully demonstrate in the streets of 32 capital cities of the states against such unjustifiable motion passed by United Nations Security Council arms embargo on South Sudan-when we are being targeted by certain powerful nations who want to take over our territories in Northern, Western to Southern boarders – plus internal insurgencies of tribal and regional kinds.

And for us as a party we are supposed to sign a document of thanks response to entire leaderships of Peoples’ Republic of China and People’s Republic of Russia of the same and unshakable stand with South Sudan against several attempts of economical to arms embargo motions within the UN Security Council than even times. There is time to face their college three powers on South Sudan issues could not go unaverted as the saying goes that a friend of yours at bad times is the true friend of yours for good and for all.


The author is the Acting Chairman, Republican Party of South Sudan (RPSS). Email: Anthonyagiem@gamail.com

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