The ongoing internal conflict in Magwi is rearing its ugly head where women and children are faced with danger from armed men and youth. There is no logic for brothers to kill one another in a situation where dialogue could be applied to solve the matter at hand. Reports from the ground is shocking and give a complete picture of people left without hope although both the State and National government have promised to deal with the matter and bring peace between the cattle keepers and the local residents. One group is reported to be armed to the teeth while the other is also not left out. The question doing the round is who is arming who and for what purpose. It cannot be taken lightly if it is found out that there is or are elements of politics connected to the conflict. It is for the government to move in with speed to bring peace and sanity to the continued volatile situation which is claiming lives and destructions to property. The farming season is approaching in this area and indeed the cattle keeper should be prevailed upon to give room to farmers so that they start preparing their land and grow crops that would feed their families and the nation. This, however, should not be done with hostility but handled with consideration putting in mind that these people are in one country and will always live together. There must be a semblance of understanding among the cattle keepers and the farming community which should be harmonized by the neutral and independent authority that factor in the concern of both parties. Conflict or war will not solve the problem in the area but well-meant dialogue will. This is why the government must move in with speed and defuse the mounting tension and the possible outbreak of internal killings that could have been avoided.

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