It has to be accepted that the damaged or broken part of the Nile or main Juba Bridge is causing mayhem to the public and road users. The repair which was expected to ease the current congestions has not taken off the ground almost two months since the breakdown. It is causing major loss of revenue to this country and time management to those with businesses in and out of Juba City and who uses the main road for their survivals. It should not be taken lightly the loss being incurred. Who should be responsible for this and who should be held accountable for the same. No one is coming out to explain the reasons for the delay or give time frame for the repair work. Only sketchy information gathered here and there which are not official indicates that some spare parts were to be brought from overseas and until now nothing seems to have been brought raising questions as what could be the motive of not repairing this part of the broken bridge. Not everything should be politicized or brought closer to politics. This is a pure case of someone not doing his job or taking his/her responsibilities seriously. Such people should be axed from the public services because they are a disgrace to the appointing authorities. This road and the bridge is the lifeline of this country in all manners. It should not be gambled with or given lukewarm attention. With its present state of life and apart from people trekking to and fro, the country is indeed losing income with haulages being delayed in long queues taking days to reach their destinations. This bridge should not take more time or be put on hold any longer. If there is no explanation forth-coming, someone should be held accountable and that someone should tell the country why this economic cold war is being created by whom and to benefit who. Because those suffering are the general public.

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