Renovation of National Parliament nearing completion

By Bida Elly David

The renovation of the national parliament is almost completed to enable legislators resume their sessions in the august house..

The parliamentarians have been carrying out their sessions at Freedom Hall in Juba.

Speaking to the media, the designated Chairperson of Information in the National Legislative Assembly Paul Yoane Bonju said, the contractors were working hard to ensure that the renovation of the law-making institution was finished.

‘’I need to make it clear that the renovation of the national parliament is almost coming to its completion what is remaining are the house of chambers and fixing of other items. The technicians are working around the clock to ensure that the chairs are probably fixed and the Air conditions(AC) are well set and fixed to accommodate the number which is in the new revitalised transitional National Legislative Assembly(TNLA)’’ Said Paul Yoane on Friday.

He further said that the next sittingswould bein the building instead of using the Freedom Hall.

However, he said that the completion of the renovation would help the legislatures to start a new beginning in a new environment as series of sessions shall be held to address matters of the Country.

‘’Once it is completed, all honourable members will be conducting their parliamentary duties and other follow-ups within the premises but in the meantime, Freedom Hall will be used till all necessary completion is done’’. he reiterated.

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