Renk conducive for investment, says Mayor

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The Mayor of Renk has called for investment in the town, saying the atmosphere was conducive.

Dau Guoch, the Mayor of Renk town is currently in Juba for official visit.

Boosted by the prevailing peace, water, and power supplies, Dau said Renk was the most suitable town for investment.

According to Dau, the most important aspect that makes Renk good for investment was the political stability and hospitality of his people.

“We have farms of rice, simsim and other cash crops established by companies mostly owned by Israelis,” Dau said.

The mayor also appealed to investors to come to Renk where he said the youth are productive and willing to work.

“I am also appealing to investors to come to Renk because you will be assured of labour as majority of our youth in the municipality are active and ready to offer the service you need,” Dau told Juba Monitor.

He said as the rest of the country continues to get unstable power supply, Renk gets electricity supply from Sudan.

Much as Renk enjoys other privileges, it also faces problems of connectivity in terms of road network.

Dau revealed that the quickest means of reaching Renk is by Air Transport as the road that is supposed to connect Juba to Renk is not passable.

“Our biggest problem in Renk is the poor roads that can’t allow people to connect from Juba to Renk straight and this has made many to connect through other states which is costly,” Dau stressed.

Renk borders Sudan in the Northern Upper Nile side of South Sudan.










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