On several occasions, motorists have complained of continuous harassment and intimidation by errand traffic officers deployed in various parts of the city. They position themselves on strategic places to prey on their unsuspecting victims, in some cases heap triumph up charges against innocent motorists. If you drive in the city and even on major roads leading to Gudele, Shirikat, Munuki, Bilpham and on the Gumbo and other roads in Jubek State, you will realise that they are just annoying. They act with impunity and threaten motorists with near utmost impunity. This is the same lot that should be upholding the rule of law but have ganged up against the same law. They extort millions of South Sudanese Pounds from motorists, interestingly, if they do not find you with a single traffic offence, they turn to your nationality by asking irrelevant questions. At times they target foreign motorists whom they easily extort between 2,000SSP and 5,000 SSP depending on the number of allegations. It is interesting to see traffic officers lining up 100 metres away and each asking motorists the same questions. Some have learned the art of telling your nationality just by your look. They can tell you are a Kenyan, Ugandan, Nigerian and South Sudanese. They confidently ensure their victims part with a substantial amount of money, which is never receipted. This does not mean that all traffic officers are bad but there are some bad ones tainting the otherwise good name and image of the police. Some of them even operate under the influence of some stuff and would not shy away from asking a motorist for more alcohol. This does not mean that there are no traffic offences committed on our roads but at least there should be a clear way of handling traffic offences, whether instant fines that should be receipted or even taking offenders to court. It must be understood that fines can be a good source of revenue for the government but only if they are legally collected or paid through the laid down procedures.


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