No country in the world can allow lawlessness to escalate amongst the citizens at the expense of peace and stability.  Reports that there are areas in this country where people were holding guns illegally and using them against fellow human beings without caring or even stopping to think that the act of killing a person is in itself a capital offence punishable under the laws of this country. It is therefore mandatory to have all illegal guns or arms collected or surrendered to the rightful authorities. In the Lakes region where recent killings took place, the legislators and leaders have come out to ask for forceful disarmament.  If this could help and could be seen to succeed then it should apply to other areas where arms are still being found in the wrong hands. The laws are very clear. Only security personnel are authorized to carry guns and only those authorized by the licensing bodies with proper records should be allowed to possess guns which they have to account for within a certain given period of time. Guns cannot be allowed to be owned just anyhow. It cannot be justified why some people who are not authorized should be allowed to own and carry guns even in the markets and other social places.  Indeed disarmament exercise has been going on for some time now but most of the activities are only directed on the remains in the field which did not address the illegal possession. The government has time and again warned those having illegal firearms to surrender them to the relevant authorities but whether this has yielded any fruit is yet to be tallied. It cannot therefore be left in the hands of fate to determine the success of removing illegal arms from their current holders. There must be a national exercise to ensure guns being used carelessly are repossessed and kept away safely.

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