Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I want to believe that each one of us should live a simple but meaningful life. We should be guided with truth and honesty. I am approaching this line of argument because l wants someone to tell me the truth. It is like this season was meant to smear the journalistic profession with mud. There have been a number of cases that do not meet the threshold of the profession. This is why once again l am seeking the indulgence of the regulator of the profession and media industry, the Media Authority to come out and audit the profession and list who are true and real journalists. My take is that we have a number of people who are masquerading as journalists just because they have some little knowledge of English language which they end up distorting in the social media against their perceived foes to meet their personal interests. If a span of less than two months some so called journalists have come face to face with the law. Their involvements and activities are questionable and cannot be taken lightly on what damages caused in the profession and media industry in general. It is not in the domain of anyone interests to shout loud and negative against fellow professional colleagues. The truth that must come out now to save the situation is for the Media Authority to come out with master register of professional and practicing journalists in the country. This would enhance recognition and safety for those truly in the industry. Credential and professional background should be a guiding factor when such act is taken. It is also one way of removing bad apple from the good one. The recent happenings have created so much fear among those practicing honestly in the media industry. It is my humble request that to develop the industry people with integrity and professional background take the lead in articulating the positive direction of the media industry in the country. There have been so many name calling and a number of bad things being said about the journalists even when it is done by masqueraders who have invaded and flooded the profession because of their own selfish interests. This should not be allowed to continue. I have witnessed in other countries a journalists cannot practice if the background which includes academic backgrounds and professional attainments are not registered with both the professional union and the professional regulator who must authenticate and approve one to practice.  True the country has been faced with a lot of challenges including economic nosedive. True these challenges have made it slow to move to develop not only the media industry, but other sectors. There always comes a time when a step should be taken to move forward. That time is now and l believe that the Union of Journalists of South Sudan (UJOSS) and other keys players should come together and work hand in hand with the Media Authority for the development and improvement of the industry. This will also bring to an end or reduce the number of those flooding the profession with questionable backgrounds.  

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