Editorial 15th October 2018

Time is now and all commercial sex workers must be rooted out from their hide-out. Joint operations by the security organs and the city council was and is intended to have a free of fear environment to operate in. Most of the sex workers are foreigners mostly from East African region. This fact cannot be denied because they are everywhere carrying out this illicit trade. What is worrying is do they go for medical extermination to know and confirm their status. Do they normally go for protected sex? The answer to these questions will always be NO. Some of the locals who are now driven into this practice are doing so for two reasons, one lack of daily financial support and two; they think this is the only way out to express their freedom which has been curtailed for a long time. In fact this last bit has made many of these sex workers behave and think differently of their societal up-bringing and background. In some countries that practice is punishable with harsh jail term which sometimes lead to death penalty. The sex workers being rounded in parts of Juba and the whole country should be taken for screening and proper medical examination. Those found to be carriers should not be allowed to mix again with the society and should be given proper treatment before being released to mix up again. Those found to be of foreign origin and are here purposely to infect the society should be deported without slight doubt. They are death coffin who should not be allowed to move freely in the society. In fact those working in public places should be able to produce medical certificates to the authority on demand. The authority behind the operations should not be selective but must cover all possible dens where commercial sex workers are found. There must be order and discipline in the society.

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