Remember your motherland

By Akol Arop Akol

The country called South Sudan is a land of stories. Every inhabitant knows something about it. Everyone has become a dictionary that defines the meaning of the country and the people. In my past opinions, I described my country as a land of fears and tears, land of victories and stories, land of great legends and so forth.

But this is according to my perspective. As people should learn from mistakes and righteous deeds, I should always expose something sensitive and educative to the people.

South Sudan is a land of tears and fears because if we look back to the life, during the 21 years of turning-up from bondage through liberation, and up to today there is only little change. The suffering didn’t stop at all. In my own understanding together with similar concepts on the separation of the South from the North was due to inequality in terms of development, job opportunities and distribution of resources.

After we were given our right, the mission was successfully done but our vision is slowing down. It is becoming uncompleted because we aimed at getting out of all the sufferings to freedom. Now life has not improved. There is no effective and quality education. There are no enough hospitals; the few ones existing are all private sectors which are expensive. That makes the poor ones unable to pay the cost for medication.

Some parents don’t earn enough salaries for paying school fees for their children and buying food and clothes. There is no fairness in terms of giving jobs to the young people who are hunting for employment. When they finish university level and look for jobs, they are not favored. They have to hang the certificates (degrees) on the walls of their houses and they sit idly at home with hopelessness.

Now, it is common to get young people playing around and watching movies in cinemas because they have nothing to do at all. They take alcohol, fight and rob people at night.

Many young ones are now engaged in criminal activities such as looting at night. Life is becoming hard. Some parents are powerless to care for their children. They have mistreated their children and failed to take responsibilities at home.

Young girls could think of dating at younger or (wrong) age just as a way to find someone to help them out with financial problems which may result into unprotected mating after fondness. Matured boy plus a girl is equal to unwanted pregnancy.

Due to all these problems, there are now a big number of school children dropping out of the school especially the girls.

Let’s now compare South Sudan with other countries, are we equal in terms of development and the improvement of life style? Things need to be changed into better image. Life in South Sudan is miserable. Ask a young child of five years and listen carefully. She would just say, “Peace and food” are what she needs.  Instead of telling ideas about their future goals, they tell stories about the distress. These should be the permanent needs for all human beings to survive longer but people don’t want to live an accountable and enjoyable life.

Citizens are not doing their duties which they are entitled to. They always complain that they need peace but they don’t work to get it.

Let’s accept peace, and we go preaching it to the diversity. Let us be peacemakers and peace disciples.

Many South Sudanese have gone to the neighboring countries, following their different purposes. They went to pursue their studies (better education), medication, and tourism while others are forced by the conflicts and the famine to leave the country for a better place for peace-loving being. It is common to get South Sudanese almost everywhere around the world because they are largely scattered. Why are we running away from our land?

I wonder whether this is the South Sudan we wanted before! We move from pain to agony, from conflict to war, from hunger to famine; why are we longing for freedom but we don’t get it? We are really tired of suffering. We are finished by ethnic conflicts among us. We have to look into this situation we are in now. Are we comfortable of the life we are living?

When are refugees and all the IDPs coming back home? God knows what is going on in the youngest nation and when to set His people free. And the leaders are responsible to rescue them.

I like to share my time giving out my few ideas to the people within and outside the country to take courage. Despite any division, we are still known as South Sudanese. “One people, one nation.”

We have to know that whatever we do, either bad or good will spoil or repair the image and the name of our country. Though some of you are outside, know that you are not forgotten. And you too should not deny where you originated from. Don’t betray your motherland. Don’t bring shame to your society. Bush is your bush as long as you were born and identified with the people of Sudan. Never say that you don’t want to come back.

If you have journeyed somewhere for treatment or escaped for safety, put in your mind that an elephant always returns to it locale. So you are a product of this country and as the first generation (first class citizen) you need to cook your mind and pull up your sock. Try to do whatever you think can bring change to yourself and the nation. Don’t be a criminal outside and still call yourself a South Sudanese because that will bring shame onto us. If you are highly educated, don’t turn to use your acquired knowledge for criticizing the leaders’ and the civilians. Come back home with what you have achieved and apply it effectively in order to lead us peacefully and successfully to where we want to be.

Don’t be an enemy to your country if another country is offering you a better life. Your ideas, knowledge, wisdom, talents/skills, qualifications, experiences and your perspectives are required for the development of South Sudan.

Being an educated person and a leader is not to create problems but bring solution to what is not going on well.

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