Remember God with Coronavirus situation

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

It is an obligation to remember our Lord when good and bad things happened to us. We may not think that responsibilities assigned to us is to take all our time away from God. Not even the little time given to praise God who gave us the jobs.   It is not good to praise God when He helps you with good things only.  During the time of Coronavirus break out in the country, government closed down churches, bars, schools, tea places, shops for nonfood items and others to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.

After one moth, the above mentioned closed down places were opened. Church and schools are not yet opened.  I wrote about these two institutions   several times but still I am writing for the reason that we need to do something while protecting ourselves from Coronavirus, for how long the government is going to announce the opening of churches. On the other hands, for us to effectively fight Coronavirus is to pray in the church and follow the instructions of the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization (WHO}.

Currently, the small churches are praying on Sundays and keeping social distances, but the big churches are not. There were rumors that churches would be opened official in July 2020, many people hope to listen for that announcement from the authorities. If it is not opened, it could remain rumors circulated among the people. Meaning the information is not true. If government is waiting for Coronavirus to end so that churches will be opened officially, God will not be happy, because death is in the hands of God. Without Coronavirus, people still die.

We need to prepare ourselves as the bible teaches us. However, that preparation would happen if we continue praying and ask God to forgive us with the sins we have committed.  Without prayers, people will continue living in sins and many bad things will happen and there would be no fear for God. The teaching of God is like the food we are eating daily. If it is not there, there would be spiritual hunger and big gap between God and Christians.

Thus, if many Christians are hungry spiritually, God will not be happy for that.  All in all, Christians need churches to be re- opened so that they pray against and destroy Coronavirus disease in Jesus name.  

May God bless us all.

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