Remains of late Bishop Lukuduexpected on Thursday

By Emelda Siama John

The body of the late Rt. Archbishop Emeritus of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba will be received on Thursday from the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

Retired Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Lorodied on Monday in Nairobi after being transferred there forfurther treatmentafter sustaining injuries on his head when he fell in a bathroom in his house in Juba.

Father Thomas Igga of the Saint Theresa Church, Kator disclosed that the body of the late will arrive on Thursday from Nairobi and willbe laid to rest on Friday in St. Theresa Cathedral Church in Kator.

He added thatvigil mass will be led every day at 5: 00pm at Cathedral and the mass have started since Wednesday.

“The late Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba will be buried on Friday after his arrival from Nairobi on Thursday. That day the mass will start at 10: 00 in the morning,” Igga said.

Meanwhile, Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga joined the nationin mourning the death of the departed Catholic clergy stating that the late had been“an icon of struggle for the independence” of the country.

In his condolence message he stated that it was with great sorrow and sadness to learn from H.G metropolitan Archbishop of Juba.

“In fact this had been a shocking news to all of us as a leadership of the country and the catholic congregation in South Sudan and the world at large,” he said.

He added Late Archbishop Lukudu had been an icon of struggle and a milestone tower among those who fought fearless battles for the people of South Sudan to gain our current independence from the colonial Sudan Arab oppressors’ regimes especially in 1955-1992 to 2005.

“Your service as Archbishop of the Roman Catholic church for about 38 years old, since 1983 to 2019 will never be forgotten, your concernalways about peaceful co-existence for the people of South Sudan including your active participation for the Agreement of R-ARCSS and your appeal for immediate implementation had been your topic of concern in several occasions,” he said.

“You have been patient and vigilant to the merciful God and his mercy over our nation through your obedience and will, in him, your memories will continue to be in our hearts and may Almighty God place your humble soul in his covenant and your predecessors late: Rt. Fr. SaturlinoOhure, late Rt,Archbishop ErneoDut, Fr. LeopoldoAnywar, and those who had tirelessly exhausted their divine services and supporting a struggle of our people in spiritual and political independence,” he said.

“Through you, may almighty God reward the people of South Sudan with love, unity and everlasting peace,” he stated.

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