Remains alert as other disasters may come –Minister

By Kidega Livingstone

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affair and Disasters Management warned that the population should remain alert for other disasters that may come as a result of the climate changed.

Speaking during the commemoration of International Day of Disasters Risk Reduction yesterday, Minister of Humanitarian Affair and Disasters Management, Peter Mayen Majongdit said   South Sudanese should be attentive to the climate change that could easily result to another expected natural disasters.

“We should remain alert to other disasters that may easily come in South Sudan, we have three main disasters such as desert locusts, flood and food insecurity,” said Minister Mayen has said.

According to Mayen peace is the first priority to address any disasters management in any country globally including South Sudan.

“Once there is peace, there is government and political stability South Sudanese will be able to produces for themselves and the government will be able to manage the disasters that may come, however now they need humanitarian assistance,” he added.

 He stressed that major disaster in the country is food insecurity that affected the population followed by the flood.

“The inflation that caused food  insecurity is not  an issue  but the fact still remain  that South Sudan is food insecure, today I can have  food  but  tomorrow I don’t have food,” the inflation of the figure is not an issue. The biggest issue is that there is massive population that is food insecure in this country. And they need food.  The fact remain that seven states will be severely affected by lack of  flood, the desert locust has already affected the little food that the farmers had  in some parts of the country,” he added.

The people of South Sudan need humanitarian support as soon as possible until then to enable this country to move forward.

“The economic situation in the country had already affected the country, yes the country is recovering from war moving into peace. Now we are faced with the major disaster in the country, as the ministry we need to take the active action in order to address the notational issue,” he said.

 In his part Representative of Cordaid South Sudan   the Organization supporting the disaster Management, Tariq Salman said that the organization is working closely with the ministry for sustainable management of the disasters in the country.

“We are working with the ministry directly helping them with the resilience and manage to sustain the disaster management. We have the professional team of experts who are working in South Sudan,” said Salman.

We are supporting the ministry with the agriculture livelihood by providing agriculture tools and import. We are working with local partners and local NGOs to build their capacity to implement the program in the areas,” he added.

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