Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

One has to remain optimistic in each and everything one does. One has to remain positive to succeed in life. The negative thoughts are meant to discourage participation of strong and social minds. The class of mediocre are wrong companies that degenerate and false start a failure in life. No one would like to live a defeatist life anywhere any time. Success comes with strong and positive mind base. Our cartoonist, Tom Dai is one of such elaborate thinker and when thinking he has to have consultations. He has perfected along this line and has been noticed a number of times. He came up with his damning drawings which has captured the attention of all sundries. His cartoons talk for themselves and send important messages to the people who understand them. I like having a chat with him because what I have decided to do is to learn all tricks in the book to survive in the competitions of human kind. They are many out there and one young or old must be prepared for them. The Christmas festivity is at the corner, peace has come and people are preparing to walk and talk only peace. This is one area that Tom Dai has perfected above the many scribes with simple drawing but strong and firm message to the country. Once I said that we should be appreciated while still alive and when doing the right thing for the people. We need not to over emphasize what each one’s contribution has and is for the peace restoration process. But they have to be appreciated including Tom Dai. From where I sit and where I work. I have received so many calls sometimes praising, sometimes discrediting his work but one thing which has remained for sure is that his work is being noticed openly in the public domain. This is why I have always remained optimistic that from where you sit or where you are, there is something you can do that will impact on the life of someone. There is something you can do that can make the peace process a success. Yes, there is something you can do that will remain your legacy for the future generation. There is something you can do that will make everyone enjoy Christmas under favorable condition. Like Tom Dai, use what you have in your hand don’t wait for a big thing to do the big thing tomorrow. God told Moses to use what he had in his hand when he came to a dead-lock faced with the sea. Indeed he did just what he was told and his faith and obedience saved the day. What do you have in your hands right now which you can apply to help the leadership in the restoration of peace. The signing was one thing, the journey to reach there is another thing. Ask yourself if you are walking the talk or not. How would you like to celebrate your month of December? With peace or not. If with peace then do something to make you reach there. It is important to you and another person whom you might not know needs such attention. Do something that can make someone happy and forget the past with dignity. It is possible that peace will come sooner than later in all parts of the country because this is the wish of the majority. Yes let us all join hands with friendly countries in achieving peace for all. Thereafter, development activities will just find its way to the next level.

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