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Religious leaders urged to reconcile communities

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Secretary of Islamic council in Yei River County urged Church leaders to reconcile the divided people of the state and Country at large.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Secretary of Islamic Council, Ali Moga believed that it was the role of religious leaders to serve humanity in order to see that human beings were living in peace.

“I encourage the people serving in the Ministry of God to advocate for the rights and freedom of the civil population in order to be rewarded in heaven.Try to reconcile the people. We as religious people our role is to serve humanity to see that human beings are living in peace and enjoying life with freedom and their rights. But it is our obligation always to do our part because we are looking for reward from heaven, reward for doing good things on earth,” Moga said.

He encouraged people to work together as a team to bring peace in the region. He stated thatYeiwas a hotspot area because of the continued atrocities and violation of human rights committed as a result of the armed violence.

Ali expressed the readiness of religious people in playing their part to ensure that peace prevailed in Yei, Central Equatoria and South Sudan as a whole.

“Work together as a team to bring peace in Yei. Yei is a hotspot in South Sudan.Everybody in the world knows. Many dignitaries have been coming to meet us here with the bishop. They don’t miss to meet us because they know we can say and tell them the truth and we have pledged our role and we shall continue to play our role for the good of the people in Yei Central Equatoria and South Sudan,”

He revealed that religious leaders in Yei had stood firm to condemn violence and atrocities committed against civilians since the onset of the armed conflict in the region in 2016.

They were united and working together as Christians and Muslims leaders under the umbrella of inter-Church committee.

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