Religious leaders urge government to support street children

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Religious leaders in the country are calling on the government to support street children.

Rev. Paska Aciya Nimiriano, National Secretary of Women Work Department at Presbyterian Church of South Sudan/ Women Work Department said the street children are very useful and can be the leaders in future.

“Let us not look at these street children as children who have no future, but we have to understand that some of them came to be street children due to some terrible conditions that they could not avoid as children,” Rev. Nimiriano said.

She made the call during the Presbyterian Church one day’s visit to the street children yesterday in Juba.

According to Rev. Nimiriano most of those children are under the age of 15 and they are without parents, therefore, they need to be supported.

“What we are saying as church leaders is that we feel like government has to look into the issue of street children. If they are really serious, let the government build a place for these street children where they can be kept.

“By keeping them in one place, I think it will really be easy for anyone who has the heart to help these children in many ways than leaving them to suffer like we are seeing now in the country,” she added.

Meanwhile Deng Akuei, a fourteen-year-old boy, one of the street children said what brought him on the street was that he lost both his parents and again he lost his guardian so as a result, he found himself on the street.

“My elder brother brought me from Aweil some two years back after we lost our mother in 2018 and when we reached here, I was staying with my brother but he was also killed here in Juba and he left me with some people who are not my relatives but when they saw my brother was not there, they chased me away from home that is why I am here,” Akuei narrated.

He called on well-wishers to help him as he wishes to go back to school and wants to become a doctor to help treat his countrymen.

Another 16-year-old Ladu Pitia at Konyokonyo Street said he too lost his mother and he doesn’t know where his father is and there is no one to look after him that is why he is on the street.

He called on the government to help children without parents like him saying most people look at them as bad people but they are not actually bad people.

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