Religious leaders should continue spreading peace messages 


By Omuno Mogga Otto

There are people who say some of the religious leaders in the country are concentrating more in politics than spreading an evangelistic mission of God. The message of God in this world is urging people to live together without fighting each other. To have peace and to live in peace without war, segregation, injustices is what favors the goal of independent religious leaders who are being good job calling for peace and should be encourage to continually doing it. Any religious leader who is keeping silent without speaking up about the political crisis in the country is not an indepenent religious leader. All the religious leaders who are being talking about the problem of South Sudan are seeking and praying and preaching to the people of God to avoid conflict. If war, ethnic division, injustices, oppression, greed are some of the things associated with what God wants then the religious leaders would have not spiritually speak about the evil practices by the few elites who are not interested in peace to come in the country. I would not agree with any one who say and will continue to say that the church leaders are not independent when they spread or preach about the gospel of God to the Christians in the churches and other places of worship. Religious leaders are like special and independent advisors whose messages are good to be considered by any system which is facing political and economic crisis such as one of South Sudan. South Sudan is in deep political and economic crisis which would spiritually need the support of the religious leaders in the country. When the country is in total political chaos, the church leaders use their altering duty to talk and preach more about peace. The work of the religious is for preaching peace, reconciliation, and unity. Their role for preaching about people to live in peace and harmony has nothing to do with things that would affect the performance or duty of the government or the “regime change”.

Since the country fall in war from 2013 up to the current days most of the religious leaders are being praying and asking all the Christians including the authorities in the government to work for peace and unity so that the people of South Sudan will not face the economic and humanitarian crisis which they are being facing. The aim of having Peace is to stop the suffering of the people of South Sudan. Peace is for the people of South Sudan. The peace which we have been waiting to come from Ethiopia is not for particular individuals or some elites in the government. The people of South Sudan have the right to live in peace and political stability like any neighboring country and most of the countries in the world that are happily enduring peace and development.

Many religious leaders have positively contributed very well for peace and stability in South Sudan when South Sudanese were previously fighting for peace, freedom and justice in the civil war between South Sudan and North Sudan. By then all the message which they deliver for the purpose of ending the misery of the people of God in South Sudan was independently, truthfully and sensibly acceptable. The church leaders are not against the government but they are against the conflict, injustice, marginalization, ethnic division which has resulted to displacement of more than two million South Sudanese living as refugees outside the country   . If the government fight to keep away the problem of ethnic division that has put the shape o the country in war before the time when South Sudan became independent some years back, I am sure by the this time South Sudan will have taken far better steps  in the development of democratic system of governance. South Sudan will not make any progress in achieving democracy if the unpopular political mentality of ethnic policies of ruling the country remains without a change of acceptance and forgiveness. The current war in South Sudan will not unite the country. What will change and unite the country is peace and the good system of governance to replace the current one. The current system of governance has failed to put our leaders to work together so as to develop the nation. That current system of governance has put the country has left the country in terrible ethnic tension.  At this hard time the independent presence of the religious to bring peace back in the country is highly in big demand.



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