Religious group calls for gender equality in South Sudan

By Wek Atak Kacjang

In Commemoration of this year’s 16 Days of activism against gender-based violence, the faith-based groups called on the public to promote gender equality across different walks of life.

The 16 days of activism against gender-based violence’s Global commemoration is an indication of taking actions for the elimination of violence against women and girls,” the statement partly read.

Prior to the global“Orange the world: End violence against women now!, the group said “We the interfaith group in South Sudan seizes this opportunity to call on the public to join us in this campaign as we push for gender equality at all levels of faith and social institutions,”.

According to the alliance, women’s rights in South Sudan have continued to undergo challenges coupled with faith doctrines, cultural practices and societal ignorance on equality.

“So, as far as this campaign is concerned, we urge the citizens to reach out to the faith groups and communities in a bid to promote for gender equality,” the statement added.

Mr. Jacob Mading, a Pastor trainee at the Presbyterian Church of South Sudan who was also one of the focal points affirmed that gender equality for all was clearly reflected in the Biblical context.

“In the Bible like in the book of Galatian: Chapter. 3:28, Genesis: Chapt. 1:27 – 28, it is clearly stated by God that all the people are equal,” he added.

ImamFaruk Farajalla from Islamic Council said the same equality was highlighted in Quran, as justified in Sura 4:1, Sura 49:13).

The group believed that working towards more inclusive society requires collective responsibility to take actions as enshrined in the Bible and Quran’s teachings.

The campaign dubbed “Interfaith for women’s rights, equality and dignity” aimed at educating communities on women’s rights and protection; other included; education, decision making and equal participation in the society as stipulated in the Bible and Quran.

“We believe women are not just less human as our communities think, but they are part of societal development,”

The interfaith event was conducted by Christian Agency for Peace and Development in partnership Faith to Action Network as part of advocating for women’s rights across the country.

The 16 days of activism against gender-based violence unite people of all ranks to raise awareness about the gender-based violence and prioritize on equality.

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