Relief Line Africa to build a school at Rock City

By Kidega Livingstone

Relief-Line Organization will build Rock City Nursery and Primary School that has been established by Daughters of Mary Immaculate (DIM).

The project aims at building three permanent classrooms for both nursery and primary sections, but the school will be under supervision of DMI in collaboration with Relief-Line Africa.

Speaking to the parents and pupils of the school, the DMI Education Programme Coordinator, Sister Rengi Mary said the organization will take over the management of the school in order to address the challenges facing the school.

“Education is the best tool for development in any country and sending pupils to school is a good investment to the parents that is why we ran to our brothers in Relief Line Africa after hearing about their support to schools,” she said.

The current three classrooms accommodating more than 500 were built by DMI.

Mary said Relief Line Africa has already donated scholastic materials like uniforms, chairs, tables, exercise books and pens.

The Relief Line Africa Limited Country Director, Mr. Kaithik Satyanasayana welcomed the initiative provided by the DMI, saying establishment of school in the area   is a good contribution because children in that particular area will get enough knowledge to develop the Country.

It is not clear when they are going to start construction of the three classrooms permanent building.

“My Sisters are really doing a very good job because I see such establishment of schools as a good success,” he said. “We are going to give you three classrooms permanent building for your children,” Satyanasayan told the parents.

He said building South Sudan is the responsibility of everybody who loves the country.

The Chief of the area, Tobia Yoma said DMI did a wonderful thing that the community will not forget in their lives by opening a school.

“This school will remain for generations and this is what we want because our children are going to benefit fully in terms of knowledge,” Chief Yoma said.

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