Relationship of church leaders and politicians

During the 24th night, believers gathered in their respective churches for prayers.

The city was and still secured by deployed armed forces such as police and National Security to make sure there is free movement and enjoyment for civilians without any fear.

Civilians indeed experienced a Christmas festival in a conducive environment and were also able to pray comfortably.

In the evening of that night during a mass at St Joseph, the men of God highlighted the challenges which people have gone through since the break out of pandemic Virus that claimed many lives and still threatening the World. The main agenda of the prayers was about peace in people’s lives and peace for South Sudan at large. Those who went to that house of the Lord should go to their houses and spread peace to the families.

It was in the same night where the Deputy Governor of Central Equatoria State, called on the people to take care of their lives from COVID-19 by making sure they keep practicing the preventive measures such as keeping distance and wearing facemasks among others. Indeed the church protocols made sure those measures were respected starting from the gate where everyone had to sensitize hands, put on mask and sit a distance away from a neighbor.

General Taban Deng Gai, who was the Guest and the last speaker remind the believers that they are one people before God. He assured the people of the readiness of the government to implement peace and prepare for free and transparent elections.

Indeed most of the government officials who go to social occasions talk about peace and how ready the government is to deliver services for the people but they are just kept waitin. 

It would be better to promise them and fulfill what is promised. Words spoken have to be put in actions. Whatever spoken in church is a covenant before God, and he would be Happy if done successfully. 

Church leaders should have have a link or cooperation between them and political leaders such that they share ideas and pray and lead people with moral leadership. 

Leaders must stick to whatever promises they do and implement them without failure. Church leaders should also engage the politicians to advise them in decision making and remind them of the situation that people are going through.

Having politicians attending prayer masses is a good sign. It shows the leaders would have fear of God in their leadership without dividing or oppressing their people. They should listen to the scriptures and go forward as peace disciples to change lives, not to destroy, provide needs not to divide, make good leadership not to break the law.

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