Editorial 10th July 2018

The Opposition alliance have rejected the Entebbe peace proposal terming it as all job accommodation for the few. They are arguing that the Khartoum proposal was moderate and was acceptable. There has been a lot of trooping around the region and for sure one could sympathize with President Kiir who has not been spared in going round in and out of the country seeking for peace. History may prove us wrong but it is of the majority opinion that there is no sitting president in known history of the third world who has been made to travel like President Kiir. Pundits would be arguing that this is an open support but whatever it is, let it be. The truth is that the President is committed to the peace process that is why he can spend two or three days out of the country to join the regional bloc leaders and the international community for that purpose of lasting peace restoration. Surely credit must be given where it is due and appreciated as it is. Going by views expressed by both adults and the youth during the 7th National celebration of Independence which was not done publicly due to the current economic situation. People are tired of the continued conflicts which has left thousands dead, maimed and homeless. It is time reason(s) surpasses self-interests and ego. While the opposition could be right in rejecting the Entebbe accord, they should know and understand that they belong to this country and those suffering under their armpit are their own people. These should be reasons enough to make them understand the agony of people they are privileged to serve. Key players have demonstrated and contributed their takes. It now the responsibilities of the political leaders to come together and give the people and the country peace which will help them jump start development projects from the grass-root to the national level. Rejection or not should not stand on the way to peace.

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