Rejaf Model Nursery and Primary School facing closure

Rejaf Model Nursery and Primary School would be forced to shut down next month if it fails to recover from its financial deficit, the headmistress of the school, Rejoice William Jada said on Saturday.

Jada revealed during the school’s quarterly financial report that if some parents who have not paid their children’s school fees do not pay by the end of this month, they would shut down.

“There is no money because some parents have not paid school fees. If there is poor turn up from the parents, we will close the school,” she said. “I am urging all the parents who have not paid the school fees to do so in the coming days because it is very difficult to operate,” Jada added.

She said the school is running on a deficit of 750,895 SSP, adding that the only money left in the bank account of the school is 16,000 SSP which cannot even pay the salaries of the teachers.

According to Jada out of the 1, 417,400 SSP initial annual budget, the school administration had only collected 666,595 SSP of which 406,000 have been used for paying the teachers.

She however attributes the cause of the financial shortage to low turnout from the parents to pay the school fees of their children, and increase of prices of goods in the market.

Ladu Tito Jackson the Diocesan Coordinator for Education and Training told the parents that due to the fluctuations of the prices in the market, the budget that was estimated at the beginning of the year was not enough.

He called on the parents and Non-Governmental Organizations to raise funds so that the school continues operating up to the end of the year.

“I am also urging the NGOs and whoever that can fund the school to come and help us so that we are able to push up to the end of the year because we can not close the school at the middle of the year,” he said.

Jackson said if by the end of this week there is no “good turn up” by the parents to pay their children’s school fees, they will start sending the children home.

“We cannot teach them and yet the teachers are not paid because the teachers can give us all of problems,” he said.

The Deputy Chairperson of the Parents Teachers Association Mathew Legge instructed the headmistress to write letters to the parents who have not paid fee to do so within the remaining days of the month and if they do not respond, then their children will be sent home.

Some parents who attended the budget reading raised concerns and were suspicious about the way the school spends the money.

The Bishop of Rejaf Pro Cathedral, Enock Tombe ordered for an audit of the school expenditures to find out the claims of the parents.

The headmistress said the school has more than 500 pupils, most of whom are children of displaced persons around Jebel.

By Morris Dogga

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