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Register for Pre-paid Electricity, Urges Minister

By Nema Juma

Members of the public have been urged to register for the pre-paid electricity meters at Juba Power Station.

Energy and Dams Minister Dr. Dhieu Mathok Dhieu decried the low turnout of people turning up to register for the pre-paid electricity token meters.

“Over the last two months, calls for the general public to register for the meters have fallen on deaf ears and only three people have registered so far,” Minister Dhieu said.

Speaking at a press conference in Juba yesterday, the Energy Minister said those who will register will receive free pre-paid meters at the start of electricity supply.

“It’s important to go and register now because if you delay you will pay more and if you don’t have the pre-paid meters you are not going to have electricity in your house,” the energy minister said.

He said the power station cannot be operated when people have not registered for the pre-paid meters.

“We cannot operate the machine because no one will consume the electricity so everyone should register,” Dr. Dhieu said.

“Electricity is the basic of the basics it’s not luxury because without electricity you will not be able to charge your phone or laptop and all the rooms in the ministry would be dark and there would be no work.”

Dr. Dhieu also called on the local business people to take advantage of the planned electricity supply to invest more.

The minister appealed to his Labour ministry counterparts to recruit more personnel who would be trained to address the shortage of engineers in the ministry.

“We lack man power, out of 62 personnel, are a few workers who are engineers and there are huge shortages in the Ministry of Energy and Dams,” he added.

The Energy minister also requested citizens to support and work closely with the engineers who are working on the transformers and polls in the different parts of the city.

He urged people to cooperate with the engineers because the power supply will be for the benefit of the general public.

“Land issues have become very difficult to finish up the work quickly and we have been following the procedures with City Council and we have all the papers but the community members beat up our engineers,” Mathok added.


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