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Regional Protection Force welcomed -Ajongo

President Salva Kiir decorates newly appointed army Chief General James Ajongo during his swearing-in ceremony at the Presidential Palace May 10, 2017.

By Morris Dogga

The new Chief of General Staff of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) has reaffirmed SPLA’s commitment to cooperate with the Regional Protection Force (RPF).

Lt. Gen. James Ajongo Mawut said SPLA had made all the necessary arrangements for the army to operate together with the RPF in the country.

“We have all the strategic plans for the deployment of the RPF,” he said yesterday while addressing the army in Bilpham.

Ajongo added that if there was pressure on the government about the deployment of the RPF, it would not be the issue of the government alone but the problem of the region and the international community.

He added that the RPF was coming to “complement the security gaps.”

The new Chief of Staff said reforms are needed in the army  to match the standards in the region.

“For SPLA to be an army that matches the standards it must be reformed, it must be transformed from rebel army to a national army that will work for the protection of the country,” he said.

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