Twelve regional Inspectors General of Police (IGP) have just concluded a one week meeting in Kampala, Uganda. At the center of discussion among others, was the regional security and how to up-hold the neighborliness brotherhood in the workforce. That insecurity in the region dominated the talks is a clear indication that the police chiefs want a free and manageable system to address the ever increasing and modernized crime in the region. Their cooperation is intended to curb the many crimes being committed from one end to another by a chain organized criminals who operate across the borders. These include stolen motor vehicles, trafficking of human and hard drugs, money laundering, cybercrime and the many more. Our country with a high power delegation, headed by our IGP in person, was keen to learn from the old and exposed institutions in the region. Since our country has joined the East African bloc and although this is the 19th regional IGP meeting, a number of steps have been taken in ensuring the security of this country and its environs. This is something which continues to be perfected for the betterment of the country and trading partners. Crime is crime and does not select or single out an individual or a country. This is why collectively the police force needs to come up with fore-set plan of action to beat criminals in their own game. Because the latter tend to think ahead of the preventive system. This is where the general public must come out to help in identifying wrong elements within their midst. Even if they are their own kith and kin. To have a disciplined and crime reduced society needs the cooperation of all and as members of the public out there the police and security agents need your cooperation to bring to minimum insecurity and crime. Let us give a helping hand to our police force, although they should also reciprocate by protecting their information sources and being a public friendly force. Not the other way round.


Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


There are people with good heart and who will take the responsibilities of others like their own. Imagine with the current economic limbo, a lady met a hunter with a small antelope which was definitely going to be mincemeat but she saved the animal by paying off the hunter 4,000 SSP what a good and Christian heart. And how many people could do what this lady did. Thanks Alice Okuna and may God give you more to help others who are in need. I wish l was the wildlife boss, yours deserve more than thank you. This might look simple but it takes the heart of a lion or elephant to do such noble thing although one will argue that the two animals are not friends of human being but l can tell you they have big hearts of consideration. This bit is for another day. Just like the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Daughters of Mary Immaculate (DMI) donated school uniforms to 250 pupils of Mangaten Internally Displaced Persons Nursery School who had been going or learning without the uniforms. Yet another gesture of national concern, some Governors have pledged safety in their States during the peace deliberation process. If only all States could come out and follow-suit. In the history of mankind and more so Africa, where giving small matters a lot and appreciated than giving too much. It counts and it reminds and my commoners or sitting colleagues that once upon a time, there was a king with everything named in the world. He could command and summon anything or anybody at will, his was authority and power and his was final. One day he was sitting down and one of the workers noticed that one button of his shirt was missing. He had not noticed the missing button and the empty button hole. When his worker told him of the unusual, the king was furious and ordered the worker to immediately bring the needle and thread to replace the missing button. All and everything was there except the needle. The small thing which the king had not thought of was missing among his many and vast property. The button could not be mended. The king had to send a message to one of his subject nearby to help them with the needle. The button was mended and from then onwards the king did not take anything small lightly. This tells us no matter who you are, you need a neighbor or a shoulder to lean on. This was our friend SaPT’s final take on the value of human being.

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