Refugees urged to protect themselves against Covid-19

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

A South Sudanese Pastor from Episcopal Church of South Sudan (ECSS) in Uganda refugee camp of kiryndongo has urged the refugees to protect themselves against covid-19.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in Kiryandongo Refugees’ settlement, Rev. Datrio Emmanuel Ruben said, Covid-19 is prevalent and it is still on the increase in Uganda.

Rev. Emmanuel told the refugees to move in public while considering the precautions to avoid being infected by the virus.

 He advised the communities to always wear their face masks, maintain social distancing, wash hands, avoiding crowd places and sanitize  as they enter places of worship, market, schools and distribution centres to avoid getting infected and to infect others.

He further urged those who are not feeling well to stay home without mixing with the community in accordance with the measures laid down by the Uganda Ministry of Health.

The Priest called on the refugees living in Uganda to always report to the authority.

 Bent Gibson of Namirembe Church Kampala urged all people to pray for peace to prevail south Sudan.

 He further called for unity and togetherness among the south Sudanese’s including living in the various settlement in Uganda.  

Gibson urged all south Sudanese’s to forget the past, forgive and reconcile to build the country other than fighting and killing which has no benefit to the country south Sudan.

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