Refugees return back home in Yei, RRC confirm

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

The Director of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission in Yei River County has confirmed that there is number of refugees from the neighboring countries who have voluntarily returned back home.

Moses Mabe disclosed that at the end of 2021, the directorate recorded ten thousand voluntary refugees who return from Uganda and Congo to South Sudan.

However, he regrets that no help has been given to the returnees by actors on the ground but the host community is always in support of them by providing small aid that does not sustain them for long.

Moses outlines laying down policies and plans that help the voluntary returnees.

“From the start of January 2021 to December, We recorded more than ten thousand voluntary returnees from Uganda and Congo. Basically, issues of support to the voluntary returnees are hard. Most of the actors on the ground do not have policies of supporting the is the only host community that helps those who came voluntarily because people of Yei have the hearts of sharing the little they have with those who came from the various camps, “reveals Moses.

The Director acknowledges the role played by the chiefs in identifying empty rooms for the returnees to shelter freely.

He thanks the host community for being in solidarity with the returnees especially in accommodating them and evacuating the buildings of those who run because of the crisis.

“Chiefs played great roles in identifying empty rooms to accommodate returnees to shelter freely. Those who have their houses occupied normally come to a common understanding with the occupants and it is through the help of the traditional leaders that makes it easy to solve issues. We are experiencing that there is heart of love between who occupied other people’s houses and those who return from the camps, “Testifies the relief and rehabilitation commission director.

Mabe says Fin Church Aid, Islamic Relief and UNOP have been providing cash to the most vulnerable people in the host community and returnees in Yei.

He urges other partners to intervene this year in helping the returnees and the vulnerable people in the host community.

“These issue of cash has been for all especially for the host so long you are qualified to benefit because they are targeting the most vulnerable and if you are a voluntary returnee who meets the qualification then deserves to get, “adds Mabe.

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