Refugees’ parents urged to be exemplary

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

Rev. father Deng Mabior, the Parish Priest of Nyumanzi (I) refugee camp has challenged parents to live an exemplary life in order to encourage their families to emulate God’s words.

Rev. Father Deng Mabior made these remarks to Christians during the reconciliation dialogue on Wednesday in Nyumanzi (ii) refugee settlement.

On Tuesday afternoon, some refugees fought at a bore hole in which seven people were severely injured.

It was reported that the fight started between two parents over the issue of children.

He said the parents who fought did not portray good role model towards their children.

“How can you fight on behalf of your children, what do you expect the children to think of?’’ he asked.

“I expected you to warn them to stop misbehaving in the public but you did not do that,’’ Rev. Mabior added.

He said most parents were lacking morals on how to guide their children about practicing bad behaviors in public, adding that many families care less about the status of their children.

“It is your responsibility to see peace exist among children in this camp, you know that we are in foreign land,” he concluded.

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