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Refugee’s negative response has negative impact

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday, a story published in the newspaper said that some refugees from Pagirinya in Uganda were not coming back to South Sudan due to lack of adequate security in the country. They preferred to live in the camps than coming back to their locations in South Sudan. What they said had bad indication to government and peace partners.

Those refugees are getting information on what is going on in the country, especially in the matter of insecurity and peace implementation.They might have become discouraged with severed attacks at Juba Nimule road and unnecessary killings of innocent people that occurred in different locations in the country.It started on 16th of August this year at Juba Nimule high way when two Sisters were killed, followed by the killing of drivers who came from the neighboring countries to Juba.

In addition to that,the issue of land to accommodate refugees is another challenge, they have no houses for settlement. In such condition, they have no positive answer for coming back to their own country. It was unfortunate to hear such negative information from our people in refugee camps.

Nevertheless, government should maintain peace in the country and make sure that there is stability in ten states. It is their responsibility to do it and prepare spaces for refugees’ resettlement.Their repatriation from the neighboring countries is very important, as President Salva Kiir Mayardit said elections were going to take place in 2023.  Those refugees are needed to return and participate in elections. Their rights and opinions are to be put into consideration, so that it helps NGOs responsible during repatriation. They are part of us although they are living in other countries.

Those refugees migrated in different years due to situation in the country. Most of them went during the conflict in 2013 and others evacuated in 2016. Majority of them were women, children, elder people and youth.

I wish there would be total peace in the country so that they would come back in the near future.

May God bless us all.

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