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Refugees in Uganda say no to voluntary repatriation

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

South Sudanese refugees living in Pagirinya Refugee Settlement, Uganda have turned down the call for their return to their homeland citing prevalence of communal conflicts in the country.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Taban Balla Peter, a human rights activist living in Pagirinya refugee settlement said Uganda was more peaceful than their South Sudan.

“In Uganda there is peace, why should I go back to a country where attacks are done every day. There is freedom of speech in this beautiful Uganda and no one wants to stay in another country apart from his own country,”Peter said.

Meanwhile, Rukia Faiza, said that women were raped everywhere in South Sudan and it was better for her to stay in Uganda.

“I have heard in news many times that women are raped by armed men, I can’t risk my life in South Sudan,’’ she said.

She urged the leaders iron out their political differences for South Sudanese to return home peacefully.

“Just saying forgive me and you become one is a problem to our leaders, they want to eat good food and drive good cars and allow others to suffer in camps,’’ she complained.

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