Refugees in Arua train on hand skills

By Gaaniko Samson

A group of South Sudanese refugees in Arua have joined hand skills training to become self-resilient.

Those who graduated in tailoring, catering, saloon management and building were already operating their own businesses in Arua town.


Alice Viola, a trainer for hairdressing and catering said they were training both the refugees and locals to make them economic independent

The project is supported by the Action African Help (AAH) aimed at empowering refugees in Ofua III Rhino camp Arua District Uganda.

“Many south Sudanese refugees have given up in education due to trauma and lack of school fees that is why we have to give them hands skills training for them to earn living,” Alice said.

Ms. Alice said she expected the trainees to be active during the training in order to get good skills.

“After getting the skills you don’t need to look for jobs because like hairdressing you can start your own saloon at home,” she said.

Wole Patrick, one of the trainees said he dropped out of school in primary six when he became traumatized due to problems which prevented him from study.

Mr. Wole said he decided to join the hand skills training in order to acquire basic skills in hairdressing to earn a living.

“When I left school I was just staying idle at home and by joining this training I have been getting skills which will help me in future,” he stressed.

He urged those youth in the camp who were doing nothing to join the hand skills training.

Victoria Sitima said she dropped out of school in primary eight due to the conflict.

“I have just decided to join hand skills training to acquire skills than staying at home doing nothing,” she said.

Sitima disclosed that she had spent at least three years in the camps just staying home doing nothing due to lack of opportunity

“After acquiring the skills, I am going to open my own place of business and training others so that they benefit form the skills I got from the AAH,” she said.

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