Refugees, host community in Uganda to co-exist

By Gaaniko Samson  

A local authority at Urima Sub-County in Terego district has called for peaceful co-existence between refugees in Rhino camp and host community in Terego District.

The statement came after misunderstanding between the refugees and host community over land issues.

Itrima Lunino, LC 3 Chairperson of the Urima Sub-County said the issue of land in Ochia village between the refugees and host community should not affect the refugees’ activities.

“We have settled the matter and the refugees should carry on with their normal life,” he disclosed.

Lunino added that, those who have been sharing their cultural lands together with the refugees should continue with that spirit, saying the conflict did not include the refugees.

“If you take look at the plots given to the refugees, it is 30/30 meters square which is not enough for them to survive on is,” he added.  

He stressed that nationals can just give the refugees land for agriculture purpose, he said the conflicts will not stop them from building their relationship among the host communities and the refugees.

“Refugees should not live in fear because the conflict doesn’t affect them,” Lunino said.

He said anybody touching refugees would face the lawful charges, adding that the refugees never settled on the land on their own.

“It was through the government of Uganda who permitted the refugees to stay on the community land and the space was given by the community,” he stressed.

Lunino warned the host community that nobody should touch refugees as they continue staying in their cultural land. He said the refugees would not take any land from any nationals.

He said leadership of refugee well-fare council and Local council should sit together in their various villages to sensitize the communities.

The LC III Chairperson has appealed for the intervention from the organizations that deal with peace advocacy to reduce the tension between the refugees and the host community.

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