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Refugees empowered to fight teenage pregnancy

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

Refugees in Ariaze refugee zones under Rhino-camp settlement in Odupi sub-county in Terego district were trained on Monday to fight teenage pregnancy to allow young girls to be prepared to become future leaders.

The number of the participants attended the training were about 200, mainly Congolese and South Sudanese refugee women from Ariaze A and B. The training dubbed community parliament was sponsored by Care International and also aired on a local FM radio station.

Ms.Jessica Anzoo, a gender-based violence officer with CARE said “We want to know how many women have taken roles in leadership and how many are willing also to take leadership in future and we want the participants to discuss deeper how high rate of teenage pregnancy due to COVID-19 could be minimized so that young girls can be fully prepared to be future leaders”.

Ms Vicky Taban, a refugee from Ariaze A confirmed that teenage pregnancy was hurting the refugee population and condemned the behaviour of the men luring young girls to destroy their future.

“Let this message go to old men who deceive our young girls to offer unprotected sex with money and other gifts, let them allow these girls to go to school so that they are our future leaders”, Taban stressed.

Ms. Mari Masolo, an elderly Congolese refugee appealed to men to be responsible as she ruled out COVID-19 lock down as a major reason for the rise in teenage pregnancies.

Another Congolese, Ms. Vini Mangalulu called donors supporting young mothers to step up sensitization in the refugee camps and called for a crackdown of fake donors who turn out to be Sugar daddies.

Mr Taban James, from Ariaze B cluster appealed to spouses to dress decently, use attractive ornaments and maintain their body figure to make their spouses turn away from beautiful and attractive young ladies.

Mr. Alfred Olweny, a GBV officer with CARE called for a peaceful and meaningful celebration of the International Women’s Day.

“This day is about recognizing the special contribution of women in this village, in Terego, Uganda and the entire world, my appeal is let’s not fight and accuse each other but give opportunity for our women to celebrate their achievements so that we have a better world”, Olweny advised.

This year women’s day in Rhino-camp refugee settlement would be held in Omugo refugee camp in Omugo sub-county, Terego district under the theme “women in leadership achieving equal future in a COVID-19 world”.


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